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“When opportunity knocks, you have to be ready to answer!”

Through an Instagram post, Velvet Hair Studio was tagged by our friends at Parlor Salon In Richmond, Va., to be a part of an amazing event. Cole Thompson was touring in the Philadelphia area and was in search of a salon to host a precision demonstration cutting class  that week. We responded as soon as we received the notification, stating how interested we were to be the “hostess with the mostest”.

London’s very own, Cole Thompson was one of Vidal Sassoon’s Creative Director for over 12 years. He is now the international Artistic Director and founder of Elevation H,  he had taught incole thompson velvet hair studio west chester over 40 countries and has trained some of the industry’s best! He educates stylists of all levels. Whether you’re a future professional making your way in the industry, working in a salon wanting to further your education, or an educator wanting to expand your skills, Cole always puts together an amazing, fun, and transformative class.

Let’s back up for a second. Velvet hair studio is a 3,000 sq. ft auto-body garage that was transformed into a 1,500 sq. ft. salon. I’m no mathematician but I think it’s safe to say that we have 1,500 sq. ft of space that is not being used…YET! Our plan is to have a local education venue for all stylist near and far to come together and further their knowledge within the industry. Creating a commUNITY of stylists in the industry that can sharpen their skills and expand their minds under one roof is our plan. There is so much talent in this area, that the energy of having us all together in one building can be so powerful. Being a freelance educator, giving our stylists the ability to further their education is one of our salon’s most important facets . Having an education venue was definitely part of the plan when opening the salon, so when the opportunity knocked, we were ready to answer.
Only having less than a week to prepare, we found a hair model and then reached out too many local salons through our social media to inform as many attendees as possible. The event was free, we had light fare and a little prosecco to welcome such talented artists into our salon. Twenty five stylists gathered around with our eyes filled with amazement as we watched this hair genius cut hair like butter. Cole transformed our model’s ordinary haircut into an extraordinary work of art. Watching her fabric(hair)unfold reminded me of a quote from the sculptor Michelangelo…“every block of stone has a statue inside and it’s the task of the sculptor to discover it.”