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At Velvet Hair Studio, our mission is to bring natural texture, enhanced richness, and diversity to all hair.

Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder, it’s inside each and every one of us. Your favorite color doesn’t have to be pink and you don’t have to wear dresses and bows to be labeled as a woman. We celebrate femininity in all walks of life… and we’re not the only ones.

A different kind of look is making its way on the runway, in magazines, and being embraced by cover girls. We wanted our fall shoot to turn the idea of beauty on its head and feature androgynous models.



The Plan

Before it was time to break out the brushes and hair spray, we needed to plan out every detail for a successful shoot. First, we built a vision board (using Pinterest and fashion magazines) to set the shoot’s tone.

Then, I had to envision the entire day’s looks. After that, I ran the concepts by the amazingly-talented Sabina Sister, so she could prepare lighting, backgrounds, and props prior to the shoot. Before we went over to Sabina’s studio, the team gathered everything we’d need — makeup, wardrobe pieces, tools, products, and props.



The Locks

When it came to Kortny’s hair, it was drastic. She went from having medium textured, shoulder length hair to a shaved cropped style haircut, leaving length on the top to play with. It was dramatic but so fitting. I styled using R+co’s “new” Control Paste to enhance her natural texture and giving me the structure to build on.

Erica’s inspiration for Divina’s hair came directly from the ‘natural’ trend that we see everywhere. For the color, she chose to freehand paint very subtle highlights and glazed them to a soft shade of brown (only a few levels lighter than Divina’s natural level). Erica created “lived-in,” distressed curls for the first look by drying the hair upside down with ‘Sail’ by R&CO, and added some texture with a mixture of a traditional and connicle curling irons. For Divina’s second look, Erica used the texture that she had previously set, along with ‘Outerspace’ working hairspray by R&CO, to gather and pin her hair into a relaxed updo.



The Looks

When it came to the makeup look for our fall photo shoot, Annie wanted to tell a story about non-traditional beauty. She gave Divina a more sultry look. Annie went with a smudged eyeliner and natural lip to suggest that she hadn’t taken off her makeup from the night before. She kept Courtney’s makeup more natural and glowing. Giving the impression that she wasn’t wearing any makeup at all.

West Chester has so many fantastic boutiques for any style. We chose a more ’90s grunge look for wardrobe, which was provided by Greene Street and G. Spot Thrift Boutique



The Set

This was the first shoot we did in multiple locations – in the studio, highlighting West Chester’s hidden gems in back alleys and side streets, and in Dia Doce. All of those different, beautiful textures and backgrounds completely changed the tone of the photos, gave the photographer creative freedom, and provided a well-rounded shoot.

We had such an incredible shoot and would like to thank some fantastic people for making it possible: Kortny and Divina, Sabina Sister Photography, Greene Street, G. Spot Thrift Boutique, Dia Doce, and my amazing team. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do!

Remember, you’re beautiful.



Photos by Sabina Sister Photography