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Makeup: Annie Mac

As creative director/ makeup artist of the shoot I was inspired by the retro-glam style that we see in Vogue today, building off this inspiration I reached out to a local business for some collaboration for our spring shoot. Guintas furniture was kind enough to contribute a few of their beautiful pieces to help bring our vision to life. Our photographer Sabina Sisters bought the magic to the shoot with her own vision. The beautiful model, Jessica Candy gave us life through the lens and made this shoot a great experience for us all.

Taking a break from my everyday behind the chair role, it was exciting to showcase another art form that I love. Doing the makeup for the shoot took me back before my time to actually experience the decades of hair/makeup and fashion.  

 I started with a more nude but sultry look. I knew that my team had some bold statements with both hair and wardrobe so I needed something more subtle to create balance in the overall look. As the decades changed I knew that it was time for the makeup to became bolder and more brazen. For our final look I decided to make the eyes a little heavier with color and the lips a little richer in depth.

 Wardrobe: Lauren Thrailkill

I am a designer by nature, creating designs in the hair is only half of what I can do. When I was asked to be the wardrobe stylist for our photo shoot, I was In awe.  Hair and wardrobe go hand in hand so playing this role in the shoot came natural to me. After Annie mentioning the model wearing a black garter belt for the first look, I sang! I’ve been wanting to make a marabou robe for some time now, so this was the piece that brought forth the inspiration for the rest of the wardrobe. 

   For the second look I wanted to go more 1960’s with the suede mini skirt. Knowing that I created the skirt to be very short I needed the top to be more full coverage and playful. Finding a fabric that would have both the movement and durability that I needed for the top was not easy. It wasn’t until I walked into my mothers dining room and stumbled across these beautiful curtains that resembled the fabric I was dreaming of. Yes, to answer your question the models blouse was made from my mothers curtains. 

   For the final look I was feeling “Full Glam Rock”. I brought back the pleather hot pants and a ringer tee that red “Velvet” across the chest. I finished this look off with over the knee boots that seemed to perfectly fit the bill.

Hair: Keyana Cellucci

Creating a vision board of hairstyles for the shoot was my first process of bringing the look together. After collaborating with our wardrobe stylist Lauren Thrailkill(stylist at Velvet Hair Studio) and makeup artist Annie Mac (Creative Director/Stylist at Velvet Hair Studio), I knew just how to bring the look together. “Retro was on our mind so I took it and ran with it. I went all in, even with my choice of styling. I went for the good ol’ curl and set as prep for the models hair. I knew we where creating three different looks so I chose a technique that had the foundation to support it.  

    We started off in the 1930’s/40’s with the soft finger waves around the face and more loose drop curls on the sides and back. As we progressed In the shoot, so did the look. We went from soft curls to a more 1960’s teased and tasseled look. Brigitte Bardot was my inspiration for the second look, bringing in the loose fringe around her face with height and volume at her crown. 

   Coming up on the last look for our shoot, I knew to go big or go home. After speaking with Thrailkill, she shared with me her idea for hot pants for the last look I knew that rouging was part of the process. Creating big bubbly curls in the hair would give me the fullness I needed to complete this look.

   Seeing how we as stylist took our own individual looks and created one vision for the shoot shows how connected we are. This was one of our favorite shoots thus far and just a fraction of what Velvet Hair Studio has to offer.


1930’s Retro-Glam Look

1960’s Retro-Glam Look

1970’s Retro-Glam Look

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