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Admit it! You’ve always been curious about them. You can picture yourself with cascading curls, with the juiciest Ariana Grande-esque ponytail, but extensions seem out of your budget. They are bound to add at least an hour to your morning routine…

Speculate no more, because I’m here to answer the most commonly asked extension questions.


“How are they applied?”

Although I’m certified in several different methods (fusion; beaded), more often than not I’m working with tape-in extensions. This particular method sandwiches a small section of your natural hair between two 1 inch adhesive wefts. On average, I apply 30 complete extensions throughout the head, while avoiding the hairline areas (keeping them hidden).

Hotheads Hair Extensions at Velvet Hair Studio


“Can I wash/heat style my hair?”

The answer to both of these questions is yes. You can treat these extensions like you would your natural hair. If you use a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, use some form of protection product (spray, cream, etc.) and don’t exceed 365 degrees. There’s no need to shampoo every day (your natural oils are so beneficial to your scalp/hair and you can easily refresh visible oil with dry shampoo). On wash day use products that are free of sulfates, harsh chemicals, and alcohol.


“How long do they last?”

Hotheads (Velvet’s brand of choice), can be worn for 8 weeks and can be removed and reapplied three times. This means that you can get about 6 months of use out of every pack of hair.


“Will they damage my hair?”

As long as tape-in extensions are properly applied and maintained at home (regular brushing, loosely secured during sleep, etc.), stress on your own hair will be minimal. When sitting for a removal and reapplication it is common to see more strands of your hair shedding due to the fact that it hasn’t shed in your daily routine of styling.


“How long does it take to put them in?”

The length of application time is dependent on a few factors (starting/desired hair length, number of extensions needed, etc.). Typically, an application geared towards thickness ranges from 1-2 hours while an application focusing on length ranges from 2-2 1/2 hours.


“How much do they cost?”

We sell the hair itself at cost and its pricing is dependent on length, color, number of extensions (typically ranges from $200-$400).

For an initial application the base price is $250 and the base price for a removal/reapplication is $300. The price of these services will vary from case to case (depending on desired results).

Hopefully the answers above have put your inner mermaid at ease and your finally ready to gift yourself the hair of your wildest dreams.


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Hothead Hair Extensions at Velvet Hair Studio