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At Velvet, we love to bring out the natural beauty in all women with a quick makeover.
   Tisha is a mother of three with a super busy life style. So the main priority was for her hair style to coincide with her busy schedule.
   First, we gave Tisha a “Deva Cut”. Meaning, we gave her a haircut specifically for curly hair types. This style of haircutting involves cutting the hair dry so that the stylist can personalize the haircut according to how each curl drops, springs up, or sticks out. She has naturally curly hair with a few grays popping through but we didn’t necessarily want to cover her grays. So for her hair color, the objective was to enhance her natural features. So we shadowed (but not completely covered) some of her grays with a cool chestnut brown to compliment her skin tone and give dimension to her curls . Keeping her balayage highlights soft and warm makes her eyes pop and accentuates her natural curl pattern. We also shared easy styling tips and tricks with Tisha to help her maintain this look even with her busy schedule!
Hair & Make-Up done by our Creative Director & Hair Stylist Annie Mac!
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