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As a young professional, Aubrey did not want to take on a change in length which could easily result in more time spent getting ready. She was, however, ready to take on a change in her hair color. All of the inspiration pictures that she provided included some variation of the Balayage technique (a free-hand painting method) and were significantly lighter than her natural level. This is a service that Aubrey was already familiar with from a previous appointment so, she knew that she would love the outcome. By highlighting with the Balayage method, we are able to offer dimension that appears “nature-given” without the harsh regrowth line just a few weeks down the road.

For hair preparation and styling purposes, our stylist used R+Co products, starting with the blonde enhancing shampoo and conditioner (Sunset Blvd), setting her hair with a flexible hair spray (Outerspace), and finishing the look with both a smoothing oil (Tinsel) as well as a frizz/static control spray (Foil). Aubrey’s natural inspired texture was created with a medium barreled hair wand, some pieces curled towards her face and other pieces away from her face. Styles that include texture like this are ideal for Balayage color because it plays up on the contrast between the highlights and “lowlights” throughout the hair.

Color and styling by Erica.

For her makeup I wanted to give Aubrey an elevated daytime look. My main focus was to give her beautiful glowing skin and to define her features by contouring the cheekbones and perfecting the brow shape. Using a neutral pallet on the eyes gave room To brighten things up with a pink/ mauve lip color.

Makeup by Annie Mac.

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